A successful bathroom renovation requires many steps and considerations. These factors include the scope and size of the renovation, the quality of materials, as well as the cost. Each factor plays a role in the final cost and time needed to complete the renovation.

To determine the cost and duration of a project, it is important to consider design, tiling and electrical work, plumbing, painting, cabinetry, storage, demolition, structural work, flooring, and other factors.

We are a Toronto-based bathroom renovation contractor who is experienced. This complete guide will help you decide how much to budget and make the right choices.


It is important to think about the type of bathroom you are renovating and what its function is. Your ideas, goals and materials will determine how detailed or minimally you remodel your bathroom.


A half-bath is also known as a “half-bath” and typically only has two fixtures: a toilet and a sink. This type of bathroom allows guests to use the bathroom in a separate area without having to enter a bedroom or another part of the house. A powder room is a cost-effective addition to your home that can be located close to the living or kitchen areas.


Three-fixture bathrooms look like powder rooms, but include a shower. These bathrooms have a smaller floor plan which makes them ideal for small spaces or basements. A three-fixture bathroom can be attached to the guest bedroom. This creates a private space for your guests.


A full bathroom includes a toilet, sink, vanity and a shower/bath combo. Some bathrooms may only have a shower depending on how much space is available. Every home has at least one bathroom. This is usually located near the bedrooms. To increase value and convenience, you can add additional full bathrooms.


This combination combines a bathroom and another space such as a laundry or dressing area. You will find the usual bathroom fixtures such as a sink, toilet, and shower. There is also space for clothes washers, dryers, closets or dressers. To maximize space, basement bathrooms can often include utility bathrooms.


The primary bathroom is attached to the master bedroom. It focuses on privacy, luxury, and space. They are designed by contractors to create a spa-like atmosphere. A primary bathroom renovation will typically cost more than a standard remodel. These bathrooms can include a soaker tub or a walk in shower. They are sure to increase the value of any home.

Before you start, here are some things to know.


It is best to keep the plumbing and electrical systems in place when renovating your bathroom. If you don’t need them, it is best to keep them as they are.


Remodeling a bathroom will require you to consider many of the same factors as when remodeling a new bathroom. To avoid future problems, it is a good idea to hire a professional to renovate your bathroom. They can also check for proper ventilation in your bathroom.



Before starting a bathroom renovation project, most contractors will want to know if you would like a bathtub, a shower or both. A tub with safety features can be installed if you have children or elderly people in your home. A basic showerhead costs around $20 and a more expensive model can run up to $700 depending on what you want. You will also need to consider installation costs. It is best to choose functional fixtures that can be updated later if you are renovating your house in preparation for a sale.


The overall look of your bathroom can be affected by tiles. It is important to choose a color and shape that makes your shower stand out. Natural stones such as slate and granite are very popular. It is important to verify the porosity of tiles before you install them in your bathroom. When choosing tiles for your bathroom, it is important to consider the maintenance requirements. To prevent slippage, make sure they are not larger than 6 inches in height on your shower floor.


Bathrooms are small spaces so it’s easier to save money and achieve the desired result when it comes flooring. These are some options for bathroom flooring:

Marble is a great choice for bathroom flooring, even though it is more expensive. Marble is best installed by professionals to achieve the sophisticated and elegant look that you expect. It does require regular maintenance.

Linoleum is an affordable option for bathrooms, costing around $5-10 per square foot. It is also waterproof and resists spills.

Ceramic bathroom flooring is an economical choice. Ceramic is durable, easy to clean, and resistant to germs.

Porcelain has a similar price to ceramic, but it is slightly more expensive. It also requires a special setting compound due to its low porosity.


It is easy to transform your bathroom’s appearance by upgrading your toilet and sink. There are many styles and designs available for toilets and sinks, depending on what you prefer or the look that you desire.


Consider the storage options that best fit your needs. To enhance the look of your cabinets, you can use unique cabinet hardware like handles and hinges. Make sure they match the style of your towel rack hardware, sinks, or showerheads. For an extra touch of luxury, heated towel racks can be installed.


Bathroom renovations have a similar ROI to kitchens. Remodeling your bathroom can attract buyers if you are looking to sell. Even minor changes can bring in a lot of money. You can expect a return of 65%-130% on midrange renovations, while you will see a return of 55%-100% for upscale bath remodels.


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