Lloyd Loom Wicker Patio Furniture

Lloyd Loom Wicker Patio Furniture Introduction This article will provide you with Lloyd Loom Wicker Patio Furniture and Lloyd Flanders(r) furniture products, and inform you about...

Water Heater Tips


Although 140degF is the recommended temperature for water heaters, most households prefer 120degF. After you adjust the thermostat, it is unlikely that you will notice any significant temperature change. This small change in temperature not only reduces costs but also slows down mineral buildup and corrosion in heaters and pipes. City Supply stocks only the finest quality plumbing products, both residential and commercial, and the tools and equipment required by plumbers to tackle the most challenging jobs. City Supply is one of North America’s largest online plumbing distributors, having served Noritz water heaters customers in various parts of the US Southern States for over 75 years.


Insulating your storage tank, whether it is electric, natural gas, or oil helps reduce heat loss and keeps the unit from being turned on as often. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which include not covering heater’s burner, thermostat, top, or bottom. For assistance with insulation of your hot water tank, contact your local plumber.


The heat traps allow cold water to flow into the tank but do not allow heated water or convection to flow out of the tank. Modern water heaters have heat traps built in. If your heater is older than 10 years and in good condition, a heat trap may be an option. For more information, consult a professional plumber.


Although it may seem obvious, cold water is best for washing laundry, especially during the rinse cycle, and basic grooming such as brushing teeth or washing hands. This will help you reduce your utility bills. Cold water is good for your health.


Every year, drain the water heater. The tank should be drained to get rid of any sediment that could hinder heat transfer and reduce the unit’s efficiency. Although this is an easy process, it is important to follow all manufacturer’s instructions. For water heater maintenance advice, contact a professional if you are unsure.


Traditional water heater tanks are always on, which is an energy waste. A timer that turns off the heater at night can help you conserve energy and increase the life expectancy of your heater. For more information about water heater timers, contact your local plumber.


Insulating the tank is not enough. You should also consider insulation for the 6 feet between the hot and cold water pipes. This will help prevent fire hazards, and conserve heat so your system doesn’t have to work as hard to reheat it.


You might replace your dishwasher or washing machine if it is older than 10 years. Many new models are available, including ENERGY STAR(r), that use less water and are more efficient than the ones on the market a decade ago.


If your water heater is older than 10 years, it’s a good idea. A water heater that is more than 10 years old can cause irreparable damage and inefficiency.


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