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Winter Is Coming! It’s the perfect time to store your outdoor wicker furniture

Winter Is Coming! It’s the perfect time to store your outdoor wicker furniture


Outdoor furniture made of wicker is more durable if not getting used for a long time or during the winter months when it is cold. This will stop any normal degradation. The furniture you have for your outdoor was designed to be used outdoors. However, it is an ideal idea to give your furniture extra care once or twice a year to maintain its appearance and durability. You should consider Home Improvement storing your furniture made of wicker in a dry location away from sunlight. It could pay off by prolonging the lifespan of your furniture wicker by years.

Wicker Furniture Components

Outdoor furniture made of wicker has been designed with elements that can be used in all kinds of weather. This model is constructed with resin that will not fade or become brittle from years spent outdoors and metal frames that are designed specifically to resist the effects of the elements. But, nothing is guaranteed to last forever. So, having a more in-depth understanding of resin wicker will help you to better preserve your furniture.

  • Resin Wicker Components
  • Resin wicker is comprised of three basic components.
  • Resin Cane
  • Metal Frame
  • Outdoor Cushions
  • Resin Is Susceptible

How long each component lasts will be determined by its composition. The resin is the most crucial component. The resins of today are great, however, many are still susceptible to certain issues:

  • It is composed of several resin components that give its strength and durability.
  • The ultraviolet Rays (UV) of the sun can cause degradation of the resin unless enhanced by inhibitors.
  • The temperature can affect shrinkage and expansion in the resin.

Storage Tips

Resin breaks down more quickly and more easily when the mix of resin ingredients is poor, which is what occurs with lower-quality resins. These are often described as “cheap” Wicker Set. They break down faster than better resins when compared with those made with higher quality resins. Not much can be done to stop this from happening; storage alone will not stop degrading for a long time.

Avoid any deterioration of the quality of your resin wicker by storing it away from direct exposure to UV rays in a moderate temperature. It is recommended to keep your furniture inside, as the chance of shrinkage caused by extreme cold temperatures is greatly reduced. Storage inside can also minimize the possibility of cracking in tightly wound areas or pull outs (cane that has pulled out from the ends because it was not long enough to stand up to shrinking and has to be woven in once it is warm again) within your wicker furniture.


Cushions should always be stored in cool dry, dark and dry location in which rodents and other animals cannot easily access. This will reduce fading and damage caused by animals.

Your best choice is to place your cushions and furniture in an attached garage or basement. You can put your furniture in an attached garage or basement, but it is recommended to protect it with a sturdy covering like a tarp.

It is possible to store your furniture safely in winter by cleaning it , and then placing it in storage so that you are ready for spring.


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