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Tips for Choosing Outdoor Wicker Chairs

Tips for Choosing Outdoor Wicker Chairs


This article will assist you to choose when shopping for outdoor wicker chairs to put on your porch or patio. The article will provide tips you can apply when you shop to ensure you purchase quality chairs that meet your expectations in style and comfort.

Outdoor Wicker Chair Shopping Tips

For outdoor spaces and patios The Home Improvement resin wicker chairs are an extremely popular option. Choosing the best chairs is essential and you must make sure you know what to be looking for.

Let’s say that you are searching for chairs for your patio. It is likely that you have already decided where and how to place them. What you need to decide on is the design, color, and style of cushions that will complement the outdoor decor and give you the comfort you are expecting.

Shop at brick and mortar, or on-line wicker store or reputable furniture store. Beware of shopping at hardware stores and box stores that offer wicker furniture only during the spring. They typically do not carry the same quality furniture made of wicker that you find at a store that sells Wicker furniture throughout the year. You won’t also be able to go back to a box store and locate matching pieces after they’ve gone out of stock for the season as you could find at a wicker shop that carries wicker collections for years.

Tips to Consider when buying a Wicker Chair:

  • The Chair Shape or Style
  • The Rise Between the Ground and the Seat Platform
  • The Arm Design
  • The Back Height
  • The Color
  • The Cushion Type
  • The Cushion Fabric

The style and design of the chair are a matter for personal taste but it must also be able to complement other furniture pieces in your outdoor decor. Wicker furniture is very versatile and a majority of wicker furniture are able to be combined. But there are some instances where it is not possible to use them together. It is possible to match a modern sectional design collection with squared-off corners with traditional wicker pieces. You can choose to use either a traditional wicker style or modern wicker style.

Most people don’t need to be concerned about the difference between the floor and the seat platform or seat cushion because they are pretty standardized so the average person can be comfortable even if not completely comfortable when sitting in the chair. If, however, you’re either very short or very tall in stature You may want to look more closely and get more information about the seat height. Sitting in a chair where your feet aren’t touching the floor or your knees are getting closer to your chin can be a bit disappointing, to not the least.

Wicker chairs’ arms can be shaped in various ways and shapes, which can impact your comfort. The Bar Harbor collection for example includes a flat armrest and others with arms that are rounded. Some have arm rests that are rounded so that your hands sit and then roll across the back of the chair. These are features you must look for and consider to ensure comfort and aesthetics when you are shopping for chairs.

The back of the chair could be tall, small or anywhere in between. This isn’t so much a design issue, as it is a comfort one. Some people prefer chairs with a high back for assistance. However, this is a personal choice.

It is important to choose the appropriate shade. There may be an limit to the colors you can pick based on which vendor you are purchasing your chairs from. You should choose the finish that you are comfortable with.

The cushions on chairs can be the most important thing in the world when it comes to comfort and design. You can choose from tufted or foam cushions if you’re looking for standard Wicker. Tufted cushions are more affordable and will be adequate for use with regular wicker. If you’re looking for something more solid and boxy look, go for solid foam cushions. If you’re shopping for a deep seat You will receive large foam seat cushions and back cushions made of fiber in the set. Cheaper versions of cushions are offered in box and hardware stores. They are usually not used for a season when compared with buying high-quality cushions from a wicker store or a cushion manufacturer. When it comes to cushions, it’s often true that you will get what you purchase.

If you go to the right store, you will get to select the right fabric. A wicker shop that has many options of fabric is an excellent location to shop. You can personalize your cushions to fit your style and decor as well as the Wicker. Sunbrella and all-weather fabrics are available as an enormous benefit.


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