Wicker Furniture is not a Trend It is, however, a durable and durable furniture.

Wicker Furniture is not a Trend It is, however, a durable and durable furniture.


It’s hard to imagine a time when Wicker was a significant part of society. Wicker is used from the beginning to make furniture, baskets, and other decorative items. Wicker items have been admired because of their beauty, warmth and class. Things haven’t changed much throughout the years. Many people still seek out items made of wicker that make the space feel cozy and classy, while enjoying light, sturdy furniture that is easy to move around and can be re-cushioned from time-to-time to extend its useful life and meet new updated decor requirements.

The History of Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture was in use for hundreds of years ago and is still being used to this day. It’s one of the most sought-after varieties of furniture that is made by hand. Contrary to many other types of furniture, wicker furniture is entirely made by hand, not machine. One exception, if you can define it as such, is the metal frames used to make modern day resin wicker. Machine tools are used to bend and weld frames, much like bending rattan poles of natural wicker furniture. These frames are still hand-made and not manufactured.

Natural wicker was initially employed to create furniture out of organic materials. Today, man-made resins take the place of natural fibers and are used to create outdoorfurniture that is weatherproof.

Classical Designs

Since the very early days of the past, design of wicker has not changed. Classical designs were simple in nature and the weavers were artists who displayed their skills by creating furniture with twists, curves, beautiful woven swirls, and love knots that distinguished one crafter’s product distinct from another. There were basic designs and there were intricate works of art.

Modern Designs of Today

Today’s designs are a little more trendy to satisfy the needs of today’s modern outdoor spaces and homes. Furniture that is designed to look great, function well, and last for a long time. Resin wicker furniture has taken an interest and is beginning to replace the traditional wicker market of the past. New resins are durable, clean, and easy to maintain wicker , something that was unheard of years ago. The flat wicker cane is now popular, providing a new feel and look over the common round cane. Even the cane that was thick had taken on a new dimension with gorgeous hand-made patterns that appeal to old-timers and young adults alike. While new patterns have developed, many of the classical designs are still in use today and are sought-after by many traditionalists.

The price

In the past, products made from wicker were inexpensive and were even classified as “cheap.” However, this is not the case anymore. Wicker has become a top product that is handmade and consumers are more keen on it. With an eye at quality, consumers are looking for their investments to be affordable as well. You will be happy if you choose a high-quality product, no matter the type.

When you shop, be sure you are comparing apples-to-apples. Advertising can be misleading in many ways. Be sure to read through and then ask questions.

One retailer may offer the same sofa at $200 less than another. The two sofas look similar at first glance. If you look deeper and you realize that the cushions from the one store aren’t the best and use less appealing fabric to make the cushions. The cushions are two inches thicker than the one at the other and the fabric used in the seat cushions is 100 percent Dacron, rather than the urethane foam. It is likely that the lower-priced set will wear out sooner and will have to be replaced at a greater cost than if you had spent money on the higher quality set in the first place.

Another thing that may influence the cost is where the product is produced. Wicker produced in the USA generally costs more than that made in other countries. Items made in the USA are usually of good quality. If that’s something important to you, then you should think about buying products by the USA.

The Trend

Wicker furniture made of synthetic and natural materials remain popular options to furnish your patio, porch, or your home. People still prefer quality, handcrafted items and the aesthetics of hand-woven wicker furniture. There is no reason to think the trend of people still searching for and decorating their homes with wicker is going to be changing anytime soon.


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