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When should you replace or repair your aircon?

Depending on the model, your air conditioner will last seven to fifteen years. You may need your aircon unit to provide long-term cooling for a home with high humidity or where many people will use it during the summer. Split system units are more efficient because they can control each room’s temperature individually, rather than sending coolant through underground pipes like traditional systems. If you are looking for reliable aircon services in Singapore Look no further. The Servicing aircon Singapore team is comprised of highly skilled technicians with years of experience in the industry. We also offer a range of services like repair installations, chemical cleaning and maintenance contract. We’re sure that you’ll be satisfied with our services for your air conditioner needs in Singapore.

Air Con is Too Old

Air-con’s life expectancy is between 15 to 20 years. However, as with everything else in the world, it can be difficult to know when they are going out. You may have serious problems if your unit stops cooling properly or becomes inefficient.

These air conditioners can have a lot of problems. From dirty filters that restrict airflow, so heat doesn’t escape from key areas properly to breaks caused by excessive wear-and tear from weather conditions such as extreme cold winters, where ice forms on windowsills, and so forth.

Frequent breakdowns

Make sure you have your aircon tuned up this summer to avoid any breakdowns. Any problems that may arise will be identified by a qualified technician. Regular maintenance is important to avoid costly repairs during high-demand seasons such as the one we are experiencing right now.

It is a good idea to prepare for a new air conditioner if your air conditioner has frequent breakdowns, despite it being maintained on a regular basis. This is because frequent breakdowns can lead to costly repairs that can end up costing you more in the long-term. You should spend your money on repairs instead.

Make sure you have your air conditioner checked this summer to avoid any breakdowns. Any problems that may arise will be identified by a qualified technician. Regular maintenance is important to avoid costly repairs during high-demand seasons such as the one we are experiencing right now.

Increased energy bills

It is unlikely that your monthly bill will change unless you make significant changes to your home’s energy consumption, such as switching from electric blankets in winter for warmth or turning off electronics when not being used. If you notice an increase in your monthly bill, even though your habits are the same, then it is worth looking at buying a new air conditioner.

Your air conditioner will use more energy to cool you down the older it gets. Because as the air con’s efficiency declines, so does your electric bill.

Malfunctioning air conditioners can lead to higher utility bills and other problems with appliances such as furnaces or heating units. This could also be due to poor performance caused by reduced airflow from clogged discharge vents near the filtering system.


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