Terry’s Plumbing: Simple Spring  Tips

Terry’s Plumbing Tips

Spring cleaning is a popular time for homeowners to renovate and clean out their homes. To keep their home safe, homeowners should check their Terry’s plumbing system for any leaks or clogs. You can keep your home running smoothly throughout the year with this basic maintenance. It should be done annually.

Perform a Water Heater Check Up

It is possible that your water heater was turned up during colder winters. Professionals recommend that your water heater be set at 120 degrees. The recommended setting for your water heater is 120 degrees. This could cause scalding and reduce your heater’s life expectancy.

You should lower the temperature but also make sure you check your water heater for signs of corrosion or leaks. Look for any rust, puddles, or soot around the control panel. If you see signs of distress, contact a plumber for a second opinion.

Water heaters are only good for about 10 years. If your heater is older, you should have it serviced every year.

Be aware of water leaks from Terry’s Plumbing or outdoor faucets

Outdoor pipes connected to faucets or sprinklers can freeze and burst during winter. After the temperature has warmed, be aware of water leaks in outdoor pipes. Water leaks could be a sign that your pipes are frozen or have broken in winter.

Turn the Water Valves

Terrys Plumbing Water valves can become hard to turn over time. Turn off your water valves at least once per year to prevent them from sticking.

Be sure to inspect the supply hoses and under sinks

You should inspect the water supply lines to your clothes washer, dishwasher, and other water-using appliances. Look out for signs like moisture, rust and corrosion.

Drain the sediment from your water heater Terry’s Plumbing

The bottom of your water heater can get clogged up with sediment. This will decrease its efficiency. Draining your water heater every year can extend its life expectancy. We’ve written previously about how to drain sediment from heaters.

This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the age of your water heater and how skilled you are. If you’re not confident draining your water heater, Terry’s Plumbing can help.

For leaks, check the toilets

You can test your toilet for leaks by adding food coloring Garden Membrane to its tank. If the water changes in colour within 30 minutes, your toilet could be leaking.

Routine maintenance and regular check-ups are a good way to prevent most plumbing problems. Even the most diligent and responsible homeowners are not immune to emergencies Terry’s Plumbing. These are the top reasons to contact local plumbers for emergency services.