Dress up your kitchen with inspiring luxury brands you can trust

Make your kitchen pop and do a daring move to uniquely transform it using fun and luxurious yet affordable branded wallpaper. 

It is always fun to create something that will resemble your personality, you could go contemporary or classic, floral or go play with patterns-possibilities are endless. 

So, we know that when redesigning our kitchen, most of us thought that it is tricky to use graphic and bold patterns and will not be the first thing that comes to our mind, but we have prepared some inspiring designs that will surprise you.

Aside from the style, a branded wallpaper could give you a luxurious design. You could agree that it is the most cost-effective material you could add to your interior. We also listed the benefits you could get and enjoy with branded wallpapers.

Why choose branded wallpaper for your kitchen?

We know that branded or designer pieces always give us a sense of confidence in the product. Moreover, if we are planning to elevate the decor of our kitchen. Aside from beautiful collections like Schumacher wallpapers and Phillip Jeffries wallcovering with the supreme designs they can offer, you will be getting superb benefit for your kitchen: 

        Durability –  wallpaper manufacturers make sure to get the best of the best materials in creating their products. In that sense, consumers can get the most out of their money. Durability is one of many beautiful features, these wallpapers can last up to 20 years in your home. 

        Easy to install – being meticulously produced by high-end machines and special materials, manufacturers were able to create an easy to install wallcoverings. A brand new technology of peel and stick feature make it easier for a client to install and remove their wallcovering whenever they need to. 

        Cost-effective – luxury is not only about the high cost of a product, it also means saving. Price is justifiable with performance because, in the long run, you will not need to buy a new set sooner due to sustainability and overall quality. 

        Moist or humid resistant –  luxury brand wallpapers have the capability or feature that suits the humid part of a home. 

Continue reading as we round up an amazing collection and inspire the inner artist in you.

Elegance with Grasscloth Wallcovering

A super gorgeous luxurious effect you could get with this type of design. It could be used as a backsplash or an accent wall to your kitchen. It can add warmth and a welcoming vibe to any space. You can find different designs like this at Phillip Jeffries grasscloth wallpaper collection.

Schumacher Birds and Butterflies in your Kitchen

You could see the vibrance and character this wallcovering can do for your kitchen. Schumacher birds and butterflies wallpaper can transform your space into something beautiful and elegant. They can also add character to your space without overpowering it. A perfect blend that luxury brands can provide. 

Phillip Jeffries Patterned Wallcovering

Another promising style that you can trust. Phillip Jeffries wallpapers can be the best part of your space and make it unique in your own way. Give your room a bright and happy ambiance that you and your family could enjoy. 

These fresh and vibrant colors of Schumacher citrus garden wallpaper give a new flavor to your kitchen that you will truly adore. It can be that secret ingredient for your kitchen to look more amazing. With the use of this luxurious brand, the fear of tearing and messing your kitchen walls using wallpaper will be gone.

This vinyl wallpaper is the best type of wallcovering best for your kitchen, aside from it is humid resistant, it is easy to clean and could be a backsplash for that space. They are also can’t easily burn or faded with the high heat and humidity that you get from cooking.