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Backyard landscaping ideas that don’t require grass

It can be exhausting to spend weekends trying to make the perfect lawn. It takes time to mow, weed, and water your lawn. Do you want a substitute for your lawn? Here are 15 great backyard ideas that don’t require any grass. You can now enjoy the outdoors without a lawnmower.

You don’t need a grassy yard but want to make your backyard a haven. These are 15 ideas for low-cost backyards that don’t require grass.

Idea 1: Grow wildflowers in a non-mower garden

You can have a wildflower garden that you don’t need to maintain. Spread a few wildflower seeds in your yard and watch it transform.

Pinterest Inspiration: These meadows make for beautiful backyard ideas.

Cost of a quarter-pound bag with wildflower seeds: Estimated cost to project: $20

Idea #2: Make concrete stepping stones

Concrete stepping stones can be made from recycled concrete. This will give your backyard a unique look and create a beautiful area without grass.

Pinterest Inspiration: These concrete stepping stone are great for your backyard without any grass.

Cost estimate for concrete molds and concrete bags: $100

Idea #3 Keep it simple and use hardwood patio tiles

Interlocking hardwood patio tiles can be a great option for low-cost, grass-free backyard ideas. These hardwood tiles look great and are easy to install.

Pinterest Inspiration: A wide variety of hardwood patio designs will inspire you.

Acacia hardwood tile tiles covering 10 square feet are estimated to cost $50.

Idea #4 Create a tranquil pond

Do you want tranquil backyard landscaping ideas that don’t require grass? A pond, or any other water feature, is a great way to add a little bit of nature to your backyard.

Pinterest Inspiration: These water features are soothing for the soul, from serenity ponds and koi pools.

The total project cost is $250 for a DIY liner, pump, filter, tubing and set of artificial lily pad.

Idea #5 Make a pallet patio

Wood pallets can be used to cover a large area. You just need some DIY motivation and free recycled pallets.

Pinterest Inspiration: These backyards have pallet patios and make upcycling easier than ever.

Project cost estimates: Free with a little effort

Idea #6: Add wood chips

Are you concerned that non-grass alternatives have a “lackofnature” feeling? Consider laying wood chips. Wood chips can be used to create a natural landscape in your yard. You can contact your local tree service company to get plenty of wood chips from the grinding trees.

Pinterest Inspiration: Add wood chips to your backyard and you can create a forest-like feel.

Project cost estimated at $20 or free with creativity For a touch of magic, add a fairy garden.

Idea #7: Spread the artificial grass

Artificial grass gives you the appearance of grass but without the need to mow, water, or maintain it. Take measurements of your outdoor space to determine the size roll you need.

Pinterest Inspiration: Artificial grass is easy to add to your backyard.

Cost of a 5’x8′ roll artificial turf grass is $60

Idea #8 Mix pavers with turf

It’s eye-catching to see stone pavers juxtaposed with green “grass”. This elegant look will elevate your yard’s appeal.

These combinations will impress, from simple patterns to complex grids.

Project cost estimated at $60, including six 12’x12” artificial grass tiles as well six 12×12” concrete pavers.

Idea #9 Get green with moss

Moss can be spread on its own, making it a low-maintenance groundcover. Moss’ rich green color and velvety underfoot make it stand out in backyards. Moss can thrive in all climates throughout the United States, with the exception of desert areas due to its dry terrain. It can be grown in any sun exposure from full sunlight to full shade.

Inspiration for Pinterest: Moss looks amazing on everything, from walkways to whole yards.

Cost of project: $10 per sheet of starter moss.

Idea #10 Use a gravel base

For spaces around fire pits, pea gravel is a great choice. You can add gravel to the area, then place your firepit in the middle. Add some Adirondack chairs for relaxing.

Pinterest Inspiration: These ideas and tips for pea gravel backyards will help you visualize your space.

Cost estimate: $100 for five bags (.77 cubic yard) of pea gravel.


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