How Often Does Aircon Need Servicing

Air conditioning is an important part of our daily life. This helps us stay cool and comfortable in hot weather. However, we need regular maintenance to continue normal operation. Otherwise, many problems may occur, such as leaks, low airflow or worse-no cooling at all!

The air-conditioning service must be carried out according to the air-conditioning system.

When is the air conditioner serviced?

Air conditioning units with a capacity of 20,000 BTU or less can be repaired every 6 months. It is best to check at least once every 12 months. As part of air conditioning maintenance, you can check for leaks and airflow adjustments.

Air conditioning units with a capacity of 20,000 BTU to 39,999 BTU can be repaired every 12 months in the first year and twice a year thereafter.

It is wise to maintain the air conditioner regularly to ensure that you have a durable air-conditioning system. Airconman Aircon Service is Singapore’s leading air condenser repair company. We wholeheartedly provide you with high-quality air-conditioning maintenance services and air-conditioning services. Our team of air-conditioning experts can help your air-conditioning system work better for longer.

Air conditioning services help us maintain air conditioning units. Aircon Expert’s air conditioning services include:

Air change check/air change per hour (ACH)

Leak/leak test

Airflow detection/airflow test

Air filter replacement

Air conditioning maintenance tips

  • Turn off the air conditioner when not in use-such as lights and fans. It is best to turn off the wall switch. This will help reduce energy consumption and wear. The air conditioner consumes a lot of electricity when it is started, and runs without using it for several hours. The air conditioner has a thermostat that can automatically control the temperature according to the weather outside, so if you only plan to go during the day for a short time (less than 4 hours), you don’t need to turn off the air conditioner, or if the air conditioner is located in a room that is not widely used.
  • The air conditioner should be kept clean and dust-free for best performance. The air filter should be replaced regularly to prevent damage to the air conditioner. Using an air conditioner with a clean filter ensures that the air conditioner operates at the best performance level and has maximum energy efficiency

We know that it is difficult for you to find a reliable air conditioning service company in Singapore that has many years of experience and expertise in handling all types of air conditioning systems.

At Airconman Singapore, we understand what you are going through and provide quality services at competitive prices through experienced technicians to help you meet your home comfort needs. Our team is composed of highly skilled professionals who are committed to providing high-quality services that exceed customer expectations. We provide general maintenance and repair services for residential properties and commercial buildings including restaurants, hotels, etc.