Here are some tips to get your home ready for a scheduled duct cleaning

It is important to schedule a cleaning of your ducts as the seasons change. Your home’s air quality can suffer from poor duct cleaning because they collect dust, dirt and other allergens. These are steps you can take to prepare your ducts for a scheduled cleaning. Better Air duct cleaning service takes pride in offering high quality HVAC Duct Cleaning services to your home or office. HVAC Air Duct Cleaning services are provided by ductcare-certified and trained professionals that exceed the requirements of the National Air Duct Cleaning Association.

Replace the filter: You can change your disposable filter. You can set your furnace’s electronic air cleaner according to the instructions provided.

Filters should be changed or cleaned at least once every three months. The settings of electronic air cleaners must be adjusted to their original settings.

Vacuum: Use the vacuum to clean carpets. This will prevent some particles from getting re-inhaled during duct cleaning.

Clean the surfaces of rooms that are near vents. Clean any dirt or dust from appliances, furniture, windowsills and other surfaces. This will prevent particles from getting mixed into the air during duct cleaning.

You can use a lint roll to get rid of pet hair from clothes, furniture, and rugs if there is too much. This will make cleaning much simpler.

Take out furniture and plants: It’s best to move any fragile or potted plants to another place before the scheduled duct cleaning. To prevent dust from getting into the air, the cleaner must access all vents. It is not recommended that pets are allowed in the room during cleaning.

Clear clutter: It can be difficult for a duct cleaning technician to reach vents in your home. Tie up any clutter that is located near vents before they arrive. This will allow the technician to do more work in their time.

All electronics must be turned off: Turn off any TVs, computers or other electronic devices that could produce an electromagnetic field. This is a good idea for all air duct cleaning. This will ensure that your duct cleaning equipment doesn’t interfere with your electronics.

Duct cleaning is an important, but often neglected part of home maintenance. This can reduce your risk of allergies and improve the air quality in your home. In many places, it is required by law. It’s important to take some precautions before the cleaner arrives. These tips will help you prepare for your scheduled duct cleaning.