How to Correctly Place an Area Rug in the Dining Room, Living Room or Bedroom

A superb alternative to a wall-to-wall carpet and something that you could bring anywhere. Go-to accessories of renters that love to renovate and redecorate their space with no commitments. That is the power of area rugs! It could transform a room into something beautiful easier than installing a costly and heavy carpet to your flooring.

However, we would also like to know how to mix and match it to our space adequately, how we can correctly place it in our kitchens, living rooms, and to our bedrooms before even purchasing them. Our goal here is to give tips and learn something on achieving the right placement of your area rugs from this article.

Proper placement of Area Rugs – Dining Room

It is true that finding the right rug for a dining room is difficult, and you must realize that the trick is to have your furniture’s final location in your space first before starting to measure it.

Another significant consideration is whether you need a circular or rectangular layout, which is determined by the shape nor size of the dining table. Project on organizing your furniture as well; this will help you complete your project faster.

Here are some tips and tricks you may follow:

  • Prioritize the sitting experience of your family or guests. It must be comfortable when they sit and no bumps at all.
  • Place the dining rug in the center of the table and ensure it’s large enough to cover all of the seats. When it is pulled, all chairs should still be sitting on your rug.
  • Ensure that you can safely move the chair to avoid any accidents.

Proper Placement of Area Rugs- Living Room

Placing an area rug in a living room always depends on the size of the room and the layout you have in mind.

As it is trickier than other rooms, you must know possible ways on how you could adequately place your living room area rugs.

  • The smaller room could fit 5 x 8 inches area rugs. This particular size could be placed in between your furniture, not covering your sofa but ensuring it has a center table. But if you’re aiming for your room to look bigger, we suggest that you go with 6 x 12 inches.
  • Medium size rooms – This space can accommodate or perfectly fit 8 x 10 inches area rugs. It will cover the front leg of your sofas. Ensure that you have an extension on all of its sides.
  • Large room – You will need a larger area rug if you have a bigger space; with this type of living room, you may want to get a 9 x 13 inches wide area rug. So, you can fit all your furniture in it. Secure a space wherein you can still walk to your original flooring and it not look like it is a carpet.
  • Create divisions in your space, and could have various area rugs to define each space in a living room.

Proper placement of Area Rugs – Bedroom

We will not renovate a house without a bedroom makeover. We’ve always wanted it to be warm and inviting, as well as fashionable and functional. That is why we are fortunate to have modern area rugs that can help us modify the appearance of a dull room and transform it into something fashionable without the hassle of installing or putting it on our floor.

So how can we correctly place area rugs in the bedroom?

  • It will also depend on the size of our Bed. If you have a huge bed, it is natural that you should get a bigger size that could accommodate at least half or 3/4 of it. This will provide cushioned underfoot each morning while also adding style to your room.
  • You could also choose to get all of your furniture lay on the rugs or only the bed. If you’re working on a master bedroom with a large bed, get a 6 foot area rug.
  • If you want to add color and comfort to your bed, you could get a 6 x 9 foot rug.

Final Thoughts

Make it more exciting and more comfortable to remodel your rooms by knowing how you could appropriately add accessories like area rugs on your floor.

With the ideas and tips we have on this page, we hope you found inspiration to do more for your house and make it more convenient for your loved ones and, most especially for yourself.