Amazing DIY Bathroom Ideas to Make Your Space Look Fantastic on a Budget

DIY is often seen as a way to save money. You can create your own unique designs with DIY. These are some of the most popular DIY bathroom designs you can incorporate.

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These are the top DIY bathroom designs that you should consider:

  • Mirrors on the wall
  • Mason jar storage
  • Pallet makeup stand
  • Kiddie paintings
  • Natural elements can be added
  • Use solar panels
  • Get on board the wallpaper train
  • Invest in floating vanities

Find out how to use these modern designs in your bathroom. Then, find out how easy these DIY designs can be used in creating the bathroom you desire.

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Four DIY Bathroom Designs

  1. Mirrors on the wall

You can see examples of bathrooms with great mirrors by looking up photos. A mirror is an essential part of any bathroom design. Mirrors are known to bounce the light in the room around, a feature that’s crucial for making small bathrooms look bigger and options can be found at A mirror is essential for grooming, even if you have enough space in your bathroom.

Rustic frames can be used to make your mirror standout. This makes it the focal point of the room and is even more noticeable if the entire room is painted in a lighter colour.

  1. Mason jar storage

You have many DIY ideas, but mason jars are a great option for extra storage. These jars are often left around after their contents have been used up. Bathrooms are a great place to use them.

They can be painted, whitewashed, or left as is. You also have the option of using them without or with a lid. The jars can be used to store lotion, soap, cotton buds, or toothbrushes.

  1. Pallet makeup stand

A pallet makeup stand. When used properly, pallets such as those used in loading docks are a great way to beautify your bathroom. You have many bathroom DIY options, but this is my favorite. It is easy to install and simple in design makes it a great choice.

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You should paint the pallet with a waterproof coating to ensure it lasts no matter how often it is in direct contact with water. To hold your makeup products in place you should attach hangers or nails to the pallet. The bottom can be used as simple shelves.

  1. Kiddie paintings

A boring, dull bathroom is not what your child deserves. A painting of their favorite cartoon or movie can make your child’s bathroom come to life. If your daughter loves Barbie, for example, her bathroom can be transformed with a painting of her smile.

Wall decals are an alternative to painting on the walls if you’re not a Picasso. Although it doesn’t offer as many options, it is still a great alternative to painting on walls.

  1. Natural elements can be added

You can modernize your bathroom by blurring the line between it and the natural world. You can add an outdoor shower to your garden if you have enough space. You can also add large plants to your bathroom corners if this seems too difficult or costly.

These plants will add beauty and value to your home and bathroom. They also purify the air. If you ask me, it’s a win-win situation.

  1. Solar-powered lights are an option

You may be wondering why you would need solar-powered lighting in your bathroom. It is because the bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in your home. You cannot afford to lose the lights.

Solar lights can be a great way to cut your electric bill, especially if you live with seniors or children.

  1. Get on board the wallpaper train

It’s amazing to paint, but it is usually a one-off thing. There is always the option to change your paint shade, or even apply a coat, but this can be quite time-consuming and costly. You might also want patterns on your walls that are not common to the average person.

Wallpapers are the solution to all these issues and many more. They are much cheaper than painting and can be used in a variety of ways. You have many options for colours, designs, and patterns.

Most Popular:

  1. Invest in floating vanities

Small and large bathrooms have to deal with storage. It is easy to make your bathroom look cluttered and crowded with all the accessories, fittings and fixtures that go in it. Floating vanities can help you avoid this problem. They are simple to install and provide some aesthetic value.


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